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  1. The house had caught fire the night before; the fire department had come out and extinguished the blaze after half an hour. Next morning the fire was back, nearly burning the place to the ground, with firefighters taking 3 hours or so to put out this second flareup. According to the next-door neighbor the fire first started in the kitchen; presumably there was a hot-spot that worked its way up to the attic. By the time the neighborhood woke up the fire was roaring; I saw the flames coming out of the roof while on my morning walk.

    As for feeling the Bern, I’m fire-resistant but not fully fireproof when it comes to metaphors. Let’s call this a simulated metaphor..

    The house is the Democratic Party. Four years ago it felt the Bern but extinguished it, repairing the damage for cosmetic purposes and declaring the crisis over. Now the Party catches fire again, in an even bigger conflagration than last time around, the smouldering spark working its way up to the top levels of the structure. Will the Party firefighters try to put out the Bern again, going into damage control and major reconstruction to make it habitable again? Or will they just let it burn, bringing out the wrecking ball to finish the job, rebuilding a new structure on the old foundation?

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    1. Ha ha! Right on.

      I think that we have yet to see if there will actually be a second Bern. Bernie may not actually run, and if he does its not guaranteed that he’ll have the same momentum. He’s now a known entity, which is a political strength but also has its drawbacks, i.e. the establishment has had time to tarnish his image with a smattering of subterfuge – and of course that’s to be expected because that’s politics.

      Having said that, I do think he will run. I think he’ll run on a new and more radical platform and I think he’ll have enough momentum to make a good go of it. I’m just not sure we’ll know if this house will be afire until the primary race heats up.


  2. And continuing on the trend of metaphorical associations and the connections they inspire. …..I was just listening to some Rage Against the Machine as I worked out after a day of crunching numbers for the bourgeois class, and the song New Millennium Homes played, from the album The Battle for Los Angeles.

    It starts out thusly:
    Hungry people don’t stay hungry for long / They get hope from fire and smoke as they reach for the dawn

    The hook:
    A fire in the master’s house is set!

    I thought I’d post the above link to the song, because, you know, I’m a nice guy and considerate and stuff. Who should appear before the video played? No, not Bernie, but FDR waxing eloquently about a new bill of rights. It was an ad for the Elizabeth Warren campaign.

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  3. Shortest post on this blog. Remember my screengrab posts on Ktismatics — images with no words at all.

    Rage Against the Machine — heard the name, can’t say I’d ever heard any of their music, but yeah, good link to the thread.

    While Trump consistently entertains friends and foes alike, his antics have distracted attention from what his administration and the Republican Congress have “accomplished.” Their tax law made the 1 percent even richer by reducing tax rates on the top bracket, reducing inheritance taxes, and reducing corporate taxes. Unemployment has declined but wages have stagnated while corporate profits have soared. Some vocal Democrats have been vocal on tax increases for the rich, which has surely been a legacy of Sanders’s 2016 campaign. We’ll see if whoever gets the nod carries that commitment forward. It will surely be interesting if someone were to push for renewable energy and infrastructure as a government-run socialist industry — something more like FDR’s New Deal rather than just business-as-usual tax cuts and incentives and contracts for the private sector.

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