I Think I Remember That Guy

My fiftieth high school reunion is coming up(!), which as you can probably imagine has stirred up some ambivalence. The website dedicated to the event includes a section where members of the class of ’69 can post a personal profile. I just put mine up:

I’ve explored alternate selves and alternate realities. With a few notable exceptions, things haven’t turned out the way I expected.


5 thoughts on “I Think I Remember That Guy

  1. What are the notable exceptions?

    I’d probably say something similar as per your description. The shoe fits. I have more or less been single most of my adult life, which was something that I had predicted in high school, but I made the prediction as more of a joke, because I assumed that I actually would get married and have kids, since that’s just what people do in the Midwest. Otherwise my life has been quite full of surprises.

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    1. Now that I think about it, when I finished high school I had no plan really, no picture of what I wanted out of life or how it was likely to turn out. I’d hit the wall on academic achievement, and I was going to college only because I had no idea what else to do, other than get drafted and sent to Vietnam, which I definitely didn’t want. No sense of meaning or purpose going forward. I attended the 10 year reunion, at which time I did think I had a plan, a vision, a calling, whatever, but that didn’t go the way I expected either. Same at 20 years, even though at that point the plan was a lot different from what it had been at 10.

      I’m not sure I’m going to attend the reunion. Have you gone to any of yours, Jonathan? If so, did you enjoy going? Were there any memorable moments?


      1. I did. I enjoyed hanging with the old crew. It was probably a more intimate though at the same time very casual affair. We were a small class, at an Evangelical high school. Class size: 15. So there was no booze, and hence none of the drama that comes with. And despite that it was interesting, interesting in a wholesome way. (E.g., Before the event I attended a church potluck with a friend.) We caught up with each other, shared a few laughs from the old days. I think that was it ten year. I missed it recent twenty year, I was in Alaska.

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      2. Fifteen?! My graduating class was around 700. I too enjoyed the reunions I attended. I particularly liked catching up with kids I’d known in grade school but who weren’t in my same social or academic circles by the time we got to high school.


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