Body Count in Perspective

Over the past month of national lockdown the US coronavirus body count has plateaued at around 2,000 per day. The newly updated CDC model projects that, by the beginning of June, the daily count will jump to 3,000. “It’s simple logic,” CNN’s senior medical correspondent Elizabeth Cohen said. “When you tell people, ‘Hey, you can go to bars, you can get your nails done, you can go to a restaurant,’ those numbers are going to go up.”

The mortality rate for covid is around 0.6 percent. The virus will continue to spread until it reaches and overshoots herd immunity, infecting at least 80 percent of the population. Based on the CDC projections, it should take about 16 months to reach that number

There are 330 million Americans; 1.6 million of them will die from the virus by next September.

In 2018, 2.8 million Americans died from all causes.

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