US Corona Death Rate: An International Comparison

After two and a half months of slow but steady decline, US daily corona body counts have started climbing again. The fatalities aren’t nearly as high as they were at the peak; still, the signs are ominous.

How has our experience compared with other relatively large countries that have been hit hard by the pandemic? Using Worldometer’s data I looked at each of seven countries’ 10-day peak rate in corona deaths and compared it to the most recent 10-day interval. Here are the decreases in average daily deaths that each country has experienced since its peak:

  • USA:   65% decrease since April 21 – May 1 peak
  • Italy:   98% decrease since March 24-31 peak
  • Spain:  100% decrease since March 28 – April 7 peak
  • France:  98% decrease since April 2-12 peak
  • UK:   91% decrease since April 7-17 peak
  • Germany:   97% decrease since April 8-18 peak
  • Turkey:   83% decrease since April 14-24 peak
  • Canada:   92% decrease since April 30 – May 10 peak

Of these eight countries, the US is presently experiencing the highest covid death rate per million population. The UK comes closest, while the rest are far lower.

In some large countries the virus is taking a heavy toll that hasn’t yet reached its peak; e.g., Mexico, Russia. Some, like Iran, are undergoing a resurgence that’s at least as severe as the first wave. Other large countries have for the most part avoided widespread outbreak; e.g., Taiwan, Australia.

3 thoughts on “US Corona Death Rate: An International Comparison

  1. John, we’ve been out of touch, and I managed to get a new blog set up, and want to invite you to come there at least once (I know my things are a long way out of your purview). I looked up ktismatics, and realized that you would be here this morning now. Brendan and I were going at it for the first time in 6 1/2 years, but that’s stopped as of yesterday, and I want others to know it’s now open and won’t be just a sex blog.

    I have just looked briefly at your posts on covid and will be looking more closely later today. I also want to get our new emails up-to-date. When my old blog died out, I got a new one and couldn’t get many things accepted by verification codes since they cannot call over landlines anymore, or some couldn’t. and I lost all my email contacts. I’m so Luddite I just don’t know how to care about more than the minimum of keeping up, so I’m obviously by now even a little ‘too behind’ even for my own tastes. I’m trying to get some of them back. Please email me there [I’ve now put it in the form, which I didn’t see at first] so I can get your email too–which I will write down on paper. I imagine I’ll have pietpoet back some, but this was some fierce sex/mental illness scene–which he managed to ‘get off his chest’, I guess, but I don’t think it’s helped–seems more stable now after 8 times in mental hospital for schizophrenia. I helped cheer him up a lot, but this seems to be a very serious case. At 35, unemployed and living now with his mother. But enough about that.

    You might also be able to help me get some of my other contacts back, although there aren’t really that many I need, and I don’t do Twitter of Facebook.

    Best to you, Anne and Kenzie,


    P.S.: I’m getting a pneumonia shot next few days. Did you do that.

    I read Arpege’s Marxist take on covid because it was so hilarious. Oh, I see I have to put my email below, so I’ll take it off the comment, although I knew it was perfectly safe here. I think the ‘traxus’ lives in the same NC town you do.


  2. Thanks for all that, John. I’m going to read all your posts on it tomorrow early in the day, while I have a few brain cells working. I would have never thought of something with this kind of technical organization, but then living with it here is worse than where you are in some ways (although I think NC isn’t doing so well; I know SC isn’t, and Georgia’s governor and Florida’s governor are perfect examples of the US at its most stupid–even Sweden’s ‘experiment’, probably now seen as failed, is not the same temperament that the Southern governors have shown in their recklessness.) I still wear the bloody mask every time I go out, and we have not experienced a resurgence, although the first weeks of lockdown were miserable every time you went out. Just the NERVES. Now lots of people go without masks. And it’s not working the way it did everywhere else. What a disastrous nation this has become in so many ways

    So I’ll have something to say here tomorrow. Good for you to have gotten something rigorous done, instead of screaming that it was Ruling Class Genocide. I’m so bored with that–even I know enough to know how ridiculous those claims are–since these social-distancing and masking methods worked so well in Asia, and even comparatively, in Europe.


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