Strands Stranded: Abandon Ship

Sometimes you have to write the whole thing up before you can tell whether it’s going to work or not. Yesterday I wrote a draft of a Call for Submissions for Strands, the proposed initial writers’ collaborative project that I’d been sketching out in the preceding posts. It’s not a bad call, comparable to calls issued by literary magazines and other publishers of short fiction … Continue reading Strands Stranded: Abandon Ship

Strands HOUSE Project — Draft Call for Submissions

Strands is a new publication series presented by Ficticities, a collaborative laboratory that explores postcapitalist alternatives for publishing and distributing fictions. Offering particular promise is the possibility of writers organizing themselves into publishing houses, with each house being collectively responsible for writing, editing, formatting, reviewing, distributing, and promoting its own portfolio of fictions. Writer-run houses could ensure the quality and coherence of vision of their … Continue reading Strands HOUSE Project — Draft Call for Submissions

First HOUSE Project — Strands

The most recent post and the one preceding it propose an initial possible project for exploring the feasibility of writers organizing themselves into syndicated publishing Houses. Short texts solicited from multiple authors would be compiled into an e-book; the texts, varying in genre and style and form, would be unified around a shared thematic element or strand. What sorts of strands could be considered for … Continue reading First HOUSE Project — Strands

Initial HOUSE Project — Logistics

The prior post proposed as a possible collaborative fiction writing project a themed, compiled selection of short texts solicited from multiple authors, to be published as an e-book: Establish as the volume’s unifying premise a thematic element or thread that spans diverse genres and styles, inviting writers to contribute manuscripts that address the unifying thread in some way. Stand-alone stories, fragments of longer pieces, non-narrative … Continue reading Initial HOUSE Project — Logistics

Collaborative HOUSE Experiment — Preliminary Design Parameters

Fiction writers aren’t about to organize themselves into an extensive network of postcapitalist publishing houses, all of them collaborating with readers to make their books widely and freely available. In part that’s because writer-controlled houses don’t yet exist. Industry-published writers are consolidated into portfolios by their agents and publishers; self-published writers go it alone. Is the writers’ house proposal feasible? Can the writers do it? … Continue reading Collaborative HOUSE Experiment — Preliminary Design Parameters

A Third Way

The publishing industry is one way to make a living as long as you’re not a writer: most of the chosen few novelists who actually get published earn less than $10K per book. To make matters worse, there’s no compelling evidence that the published few, or the even fewer best-sellers, are actually better books than the ones flushed into the slush pile. Self-publishing is too … Continue reading A Third Way