Are Best Sellers the Best, Full Stop?

Let’s be optimistic and say that one out of a hundred manuscript novels submitted to agents and publishers is accepted for publication. Are these published few the cream of the crop, the top one percent in quality? What about best-sellers, the top 1% of the top 1%: are they the crème de la crème? This morning I did a quick analysis by proxy, using movies … Continue reading Are Best Sellers the Best, Full Stop?

Postcapitalist Libraries — Outline

The Proposition: Readers establish LIBRARIES. Cooperative libraries select and purchase holdings of e-books from writers’ houses, duplicating and distributing free copies to their members. All library holdings are e-books, eliminating the need for physical locations. Instead of lending books, each local library enables members to download their own copies of any books in its holdings, for free and without limit. Each local library acquires the … Continue reading Postcapitalist Libraries — Outline